One of the best escapes rooms I've been to. Did the abandoned dormitory (hint: if youre a group of girls or have a weak heart, DONT do it, its actually terrifying).

Staffs were friendly and explained the procedure and steps very well before entering the room. Also very helpful with the two hints given.

Would love to come back and try the other rooms !

Beverly Tsz

Great experience. A very clear description was given to us before going into the room. Staff were friendly and patient and welcoming. We did the dormitory and they did warn us it's a but scary and it really was.

Do not try the dormitory if you have a weak heart or get startled easily. It was a great experience for me but terrifying at the samw time. I highly recommend it if you would like to have a harder challenge.

Thank you to the staff at the lockdown! You guys are amazing and I'm looking forward to try something next time that's not as terrifying

Sophie Spencley

Lockdown Escape Canada

is Canada’s first large-scale mechanical room escape game. Our team constantly look for new and exciting ways to present our challenges to you, promising the ultimate experience. You will have one hour with your teammates to solve all the mysteries set in front of you. Do you think you and your teammates have the ability to pass our test? Escape… if you can!

Realistic, Immersive Experience!

To have even the slightest chance to pass the game, you will have to utilize your senses such as sight, touch, smell, hearing and possibly more. You dare to challenge?

Unprecedented Interaction!

We infused new technologies and made it possible for players to interact with the game’s environment. Every decision may bring you one step closer! Faced with challenges never seen before, such as laser traps, hidden passages and many more automated mechanisms, can you and your teammates escape?

Heroic Adventures!

Gorgeous scene layouts, beautiful decorations and props can only be dreamt to exist outside of movies; our team has worked hard to merge those movie-like features into our games. Each chamber has been carefully designed to not only be fun, exciting and challenging, but to also be as visually stunning and gorgeous as classic movie-sets! Come and experience what it is to be the hero of a movie!

The Ultimate Challenge!

Possessing superior IQ does not necessarily mean you are better. In order to survive and solve our puzzles, you will have to maximize your ability to think, be creative, be decisive and lead your team under extreme stress! In a completely locked chamber, stay calm, carefully observe and find the clues hidden all around you! Are you ready to be defeated? Are you ready to test your limits? Don’t wait and accept the challenges that we have carefully planned for you!